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Why restaurants should offer both smaller and larger tables

In the variety of challenges encountered in restaurant business, the matter of choosing appropriate table sizes is often overlooked. By studying the choice of table sizes and their relative position directly in term of a generic layout and table mix problem, we find that it plays a key role in the eventual operation of bars and restaurants, enabling up to 29 % reduction of customer refusal in the chosen generic example. Hereby, it is key to install both some rows with larger tables and maintaining a sufficiently large pool of flexible smaller tables. As less distance in between tables is lost, rows of larger tables enable more seating capacity. Smaller tables on the other hand are less compact but can be combined flexibly by customers to fit the arriving party size. In a competitive environment as the bar and restaurant business with other options just around the corner or even next door it is of the utmost importance to maximize the efficiency of the available resources. The re

No more queueing at the ladies’ room

Queues at restrooms are invariably longer for ladies than for men. Time and time again. What are the main causes for this disparity? And how can it be overcome? Moving to unisex toilets, it appears from this study, may reduce waiting times for women from over 6 minutes to less than a minute and a half. Already a symbol for transgender equality, unisex toilets can hence boast excellent figures when it comes to reducing waiting times. Or, how transgender-friendliness may help in battling female-unfriendly toilet culture. No time to read? This 3' animation video summarizes our findings. Summer, a lovely time for festivals, parties or a leisurely stroll in the park. Temperature is rising so getting yourself hydrated is a must. But however refreshing these drinks may be, they will make you suffer when the time for the toilet is there. For a man there is hardly reason to panic: just find a urinal and go. For the ladies, however, an elaborate process of tactical planning unf